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Electronic Upfitting

The correctly configured customization for your fleet is key to your team’s productivity. At Accessories Inc., we will customize your fleet to meet your expectations for power, safety, and flexibility. We’ve created fully functioning office with laptop power, second monitor, laser printer and task lighting inside a van. Your needs might be as simple as interior task or shelf lighting, either way we’ve got the experience to cleanly wire your car, truck, and van to keep you and your team efficient and safe. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

120 volt Inverters

Have a need for 120 volt power in a vehicle. We can hard wire a simple inverter for a laptop, or create an independent electrical system that charges itself while the vehicle is running, and available anytime.

Safety Lighting

If you are serious about safety and need safety and warning lights on your fleet we’ve got you covered. We can install strobes that are concealed in the vehicle lights or in very visible locations depending on your needs. From flashing yellow and white LED Light bars to government approved red and blue lights Accessories Inc is approved by vendors and agencies to install what you need to be seen and safe.

Task and Work Lights

Need to pull up to a job site and light up the site with lights on your vehicle? We’ve got you covered and know how to put out light for just about any job you encounter. Need them wired to their own system, so your vehicles battery never dies on you, we can do that! There really isn’t anything more frustrating that not being able to find what your looking for in the dark. We can install LED interior lights in cars, trucks, and vans that are wired into the door switches to light things up when you open your vehicle

Vehicle Tracking & Dash Cameras

Need to know where your fleet is, how fast they are driving, and what actually happened? We supply and install a variety of vehicle trackers, cameras, and other devices that can help you know the facts of how your team and other people on the road are driving. We have options that are connected to the internet and are uploading video, images, and data in real-time, so you can see all the details from you computer at the office or your smartphone.